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Deborah Elaine


I am innately attracted to the discovery of nature, wildlife, color, and design. And I’m at peace when creating in natural settings. For I feel close to the Creator—as if His hand guides mine.

I create and share with the hope that the joy I experience is vicariously shared by others. Or at least, makes them ponder.

There are many divine mysteries in this life. And through the paths we travel, He shows us the way and the hidden and beautiful things of this world.

Deb’s unique style demonstrates the expressiveness of the abstract and surreal nature of watercolor pouring.  The painting starts out abstract in design and becomes surreal in nature by developing subject matter that is created with her imagination and her references. Each work is a personal expression of her artistic passion.


Upcoming Events & Classes

I show my work at many galleries and art festivals in Florida. I also enjoy teaching painting classes to anyone interested. Keep in touch for updates on future events and classes.

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Commission A Painting

Love my work? Want to commission your very own original Deborah Elaine painting? You’ve come to the right place. I specialize in commissioned paintings of pets, places and things.