I am innately attracted to the discovery of nature, wildlife, color, and design. And I’m at peace when creating in natural settings. For I feel close to the Creator—as if His hand guides mine.

I create and share with the hope that the joy I experience is vicariously shared by others. Or at least, makes them ponder.

There are many divine mysteries in this life. And through the paths we travel, He shows us the way and the hidden and beautiful things of this world.


Deb’s unique style demonstrates the expressiveness of the abstract and surreal nature of watercolor pouring.  The painting starts out abstract in design and becomes surreal in nature by developing subject matter that is created with her imagination and her references. Each work is a personal expression of her artistic passion.


I began my watercolor career in 2003 after studying under Johnny Johnson, Gary Duquette, Joe Miller (Cheap Joe’s) and Linda Griffin. Originally part of the Fredericksburg Art Scene in Virginia for a decade, my first studio in Libertytown Artist Workshop was located at Liberty Street, but my art is now created in my home studio.

I donate a portion of sales to charitable organizations involved with Hurricane Irma cleanup and preserving our waters and coral reefs in Florida.  Coral reefs and rainforest absorb a majority of the carbon dioxide that causes global warming. Without them we are killing ourselves.


  • To Influence others through the creativity and subject of my work
  • To bring joy, laughter and happiness to others
  • To reflect God’s beauty or a feeling of expression that touches and moves others
  • To give a peace and hope to finding your own path in life
  • To give back what HE has given me