Pouring is fluid watercolor painting that is poured onto the paper with no concept of what the outcome. Then adding the desired image makes this fluid watercolor a successful painting.

Johnny Johnson
Taught Deb the Pouring Technique

Deb enjoys the expressiveness of the abstract and surreal nature of watercolor pouring. A unique style she developed when she was introduced to one of her mentors, Johnny Johnson. Her works are created allowing the medium to flow and become itself by utilizing

the pouring technique. The painting starts out abstract in design and become surreal in nature by developing subject matter that is created with her imagination and her references. The method Deb uses to create her compositions is similar to laying in the plush green
grass gazing into the clouds seeing the ever changing shapes that appear. Each painting is an expression and passion of hers.

I took my first art lesson from Deb Booth (Elaine), who was pouring her heart along with the colorful paints on the soulful watercolor paper. In my frequent visits to Fredericksburg center for the creative Arts, Brush Stroke and Art First, I started to hearwith so much pleasure—the soul speaking. I was excited and thrilled by being exposed to this wonderful language. I was blessed to learn from wonderful artists Johnny Johnson and Deborah Booth (Elaine) just to name a few.

Saeed Ordoubadi